What is VPN? How it works?

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In today’s world where privacy stays nowhere. VPN is helping us to keep our Privacy a bit secure. VPN is most commonly used by corp. to protect their sensitive data. What isVPN? Vpn actually masks our IP.


What is VPN?

VPN also is known as Virtual Private Network. It can help you in hiding your IP Address on the Internet moreover it can help you in a lot of other ways too.

VPN adds extra security and privacy to Private and Public connections.  Many Corp. uses VPN, as a result, their data becomes safe but people using the private virtual private network is too becoming popular.

The virtual private network makes a computer secure because it’s original IP is replaced by the IP provided by the VPN provider. For example, if you are in India, you can obtain IP of UAE and surf the internet as people of UAE does.


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Amazing Uses Of VPN:

  • Hide your identity: VPN can hide your IP that will hide your identity on the internet.
  • Change Location: Using a Virtual Private Network can even help you in changing your location, you can select your own desired location while using Virtual Private Network.
  • Access Blocked Websites: For example, a website is blocked in India. You can change your location to the U.S.A. by choosing an IP assigned on US server. This is how a website will be unblocked.
  • Protect Privacy: By changing your IP, your internet provider will not be able to track your actions on the internet as Virtual Private Network makes a tunnel between you and the Internet.       *conditions apply*


How VPN provides security:

I’ve already told you that companies use a virtual private network for the sake of the security of their private information. We know that data posted on HTTP website is unencrypted means that we can read it normally. So if you are using a website with HTTP connection on a public wifi, a hacker can easily intercept and steal packages that contains your information such as ID and password of that website(NOTE: can be more critical). VPN adds security in your connection as it uses advanced security technique to encrypt packages that really help in the security of a connection.

This is how Virtual Private Network OR VPN helps you.


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Setting up a Virtual Private Network:

Setting up a Virtual Private Network is very easy. It differs from OS. Linux, the method is different from Windows. VPN comes with a trial version and a paid version. I personally prefer you to use a paid one cause it provides extra features moreover it protects data from being breached.

Windows, If you are using a Windows machine. Just download the best VPN and you are done. Similarly, using a Linux machine you can just search for the tutorials on the Web you’ll get a lot of these.

Some of the Best VPN providers are:

  • Express VPN.
  • Nord VPN.
  • TunnelBear.
  • Hotspot Shield.
  • IP vanish.
  • CyberGhost.
  • Pure VPN.


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