Way2SMS – Free SMS in India. Full Review

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Way2SMS” is one of the most popular websites in India to send SMS. People have some misconceptions related to this website. Here I am gonna clear them all. Way2SMS has 50M registered users in over 120 countries and daily 15K joining users.


Way2SMS is India’s largest website to send SMS and is helping over 50M+ users to send SMS. Every day over 15,000[average] users is signing up the service. Even the website is featured in the top 50 websites in India.

Service by Way2SMS[free]:

  • Send free SMS.
  • Up to 3 SMS daily.
  • SMS in 9 local languages.

Instant SMS services.


Service by Way2SMS[Buisness]:

  • All Bulk SMS provided.
  • Price[20paise] for every SMS is to be paid.
  • API support.
  • Send over 5L messages a month.

Furthermore, You can even send voice SMS to the targeted people. It is one of the reasons why I like Way2SMS. The more is the audience the less is the price of per SMS.

Still, there are some cons to this website. Such as “what anyone will do of 3 SMS?”. In the same way, some people are really afraid about the service of the website. Even JIO allows users to send 100 free messages on per day basis.

I know one website that is better than this. The website is Fast2SMS.com of Siddhant Jain sir. He is Indian and knowledgeable enough to maintain a website such as fast2sms. He is an amazing YouTuber and truly deserving of fame.

If you want you can visit his website from the link below.



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