How does Facebook company earn money 2019 ?

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Facebook is a leading company in the field of social media. It has 2.32+ Billion people monthly active on the site. While surfing Facebook you might have noticed that it has no active ads on the site like other websites. You might be wondering about “How does Facebook company earns money 2019?”.

How does Facebook company earns money 2019 ?, Facebook Earning revealed.

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Facebook uses a technology know as Micro-advertisement. This technology is very useful for advertisers as well as users. This technology helps in showing the relevant advertisement to a particular user. For example, if I want to buy a car, they will show me ad of different car, If I want to buy a dress for my girlfriend they will show me relevant dress. To make more profit for advertisers. This is How Facebook company earn

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Oh, you might be wandering how? Let me tell you, Facebook today has a huge database that stores each and every information of yours. Facebook’s algorithms analyze your past activities and then they give you relevant ads.

This is “How does Facebook company earn money 2019?


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