How to buy parts for Gaming PC in 2019

How to buy parts for Gaming PC in 2019
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How to buy parts for Gaming PC in 2019

You might be interested to play the latest computer games that are in the market such as PUBG, GTA, WWE etc. But most probably you might not be having a Gaming PC to play those interesting computer games. So I have explained to you “How to buy parts for Gaming PC in 2019

I have explained each and every part that a gaming desktop should have to play the best pc games of 2019. This article will make you understand all the best parts. Your gaming PC should have to play the best pc games.


Before searching for any part. You must select the best budget for your gaming PC then you can continue :>


The Cabinet.

PC cabinet- How to buy parts for Gaming PC in 2019

A cabinet is one of the most important parts. It holds all the parts of desktop in it. Moreover, in a gaming PC, the cabinet gives a really cool look that creates a gaming environment.

You can buy according to your budget and your choice. But before buying, properly check about the vents that allow air to pass and come. Most probably all the cabinets are good you can buy any of them.


The Processor.

The Processor- How to buy parts for Gaming PC in 2019

The processor is one of the most essential parts of a computer. It performs all the processing tasks of a software. Choosing the right processor is very necessary.

There are two companies famous for making good processorsINTEL, AMD.

Both of these companies have different models of processors. Intel is better than AMD, performance wise. But if you are building a gaming pc then AMD would be a good choice as AMD processors are quite cheap as compared to Intel processors. For example, you invested your money for an INTEL processor. If you invest the same money for an AMD processor you might get better performance than INTEL’s.

After purchasing a good AMD processor you will save money that you can invest in a good GPU. Which is really important for a Gaming Desktop.

CPU cooler.

CPU Cooler - How to buy parts for Gaming PC in 2019

Processor while working gets too hot. So, to cool it down we need a proper cooling setup. If a processor gets hot, it automatically reduces its performance. Therefore, we need a powerful cooling system to cool the processor. Cooler for a processor is of two types- liquid and air. Liquid cooler works of liquid cooling technology which is good for high-end processors and overclocked processor. You can set up one liquid cooling system for your processor. It depends upon your budget and the work that you are doing on your processor.

The Motherboard.

Motherboard - How to buy parts for Gaming PC in 2019

The motherboard is another important part of the PC. If your motherboard is slow, every component will be useless. Using a good motherboard is the must for a gaming Desktop.

A motherboard is bought according to the processor. Hence, you’ll need to buy a processor first. Different processor needs a different socket in which it fits in. Best motherboard for AMD and Intel processors are different. Be careful, when you are buying the motherboard. For example, you have a socket AMD AM4 motherboard. You’ll need to buy the same socket processor.

The RAM.The RAM - How to buy parts for Gaming PC in 2019

RAM is a random access memory. It is a type of quick memory used by CPU for storing data which is quickly required for processing. It doesn’t store data for a long time.

Ram is an important factor as it helps to increase the performance of CPU. For gaming Desktop, it is much important. You can buy minimum 8GB ddr4 ram. I said DDR4… You can use Ram as much as possible, 32GB 64GB or whatever you want to. MINIMUM RAM NEEDS TO BE 8GB.

Graphics Card

Graphics card.

It is the most important part of a gaming desktop. Yes, it is the Graphics Card. I have already explained it in my previous post. If you are not following us, pls do so…

Graphics Card processes all the graphics in a game. So, even if you have a high-end CPU. You will experience choppy gameplay without a graphics card. It is a processor dedicated to only graphics. Therefore increases the gaming performance.

You’ll need to buy a high-end graphics card such as GTX 1080ti for the best gaming GPU. Or you can just go with your budget. But don’t compromise your graphics card for any other component. Graphics card is very essential for processing your graphics in your game.

My old article on GPU


The SMPS - How to buy parts for Gaming PC in 2019

SMPS stands for switched mode power supply. It supplies power to your PC. SMPS are of different watts, for example, 600W, 500W. You’ll need different SMPS for different components. You can easily calculate the power supply your processor need by POWER SUPPLY CALCULATOR. It is also important as it supplies power to your PC.

The Storage Device

The SSD - How to buy parts for Gaming PC in 2019

A storage device is a unit which stores all your data in it. If in a gaming desktop, a storage device is slow. Everything will be slow.

Data storage in computers are of 3 types:


If you have a very high budget you can go for SSD; the budget is less you can buy SSHD; have very less budget go for HDD.

If you are using a good storage device. It will improve booting time and better gaming performance.

Keyboard & Mouse

Keyboard and mouse - How to buy parts for Gaming PC in 2019

Keyboard and mouse help in maintaining good gaming performance while playing computer games. Mechanical Keyboards are dedicated to gaming. They are expensive but gives very good gaming performance. Moreover, if you are using a Keyboard and mouse combo. It will feel amazing…while gaming. A keyboard, as well as a mouse, are available on Amazon etc.

While buying it, don’t make a hurry. Add a particular product in the wishlist and wait for the price drop as in these products prices are fluctuating.


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How does Facebook company earn money 2019 ?

How does Facebook company earns money 2019 ?, Facebook Earning revealed.
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Facebook is a leading company in the field of social media. It has 2.32+ Billion people monthly active on the site. While surfing Facebook you might have noticed that it has no active ads on the site like other websites. You might be wondering about “How does Facebook company earns money 2019?”.

How does Facebook company earns money 2019 ?, Facebook Earning revealed.


Facebook uses a technology know as Micro-advertisement. This technology is very useful for advertisers as well as users. This technology helps in showing the relevant advertisement to a particular user. For example, if I want to buy a car, they will show me ad of different car, If I want to buy a dress for my girlfriend they will show me relevant dress. To make more profit for advertisers. This is How Facebook company earn

How Powerful GPU is?

Oh, you might be wandering how? Let me tell you, Facebook today has a huge database that stores each and every information of yours. Facebook’s algorithms analyze your past activities and then they give you relevant ads.

This is “How does Facebook company earn money 2019?


Types of Malware | Ways to avoid them !

4 min read

In today’s world, privacy stays nowhere. Hackers can easily hack you from anywhere. Spreading Malware is one of the easiest ways to steal data and get control of someone by a Hacker. You should know the Types of Malware” and the Ways to avoid them!”

Types of Malware Hacker by

What is Malware?

Malware is a computer program designed by hackers furthermore is very dangerous to your computer. Malware can steal your personal data and send it to hacker’s database. That makes your privacy exposed.

Malware can even slow down your computer speed and make it super slow af, reboot unexpectedly, crash applications etc.

Types of Malware

1. Virus


Full form of the virus is Vital information resource under siege. Viruses are small programs that are auto executable. It causes troubles in the functioning of the computer. Viruses damage or delete the important file on your machine.

Virus even enters Hard-disk boot section and lowers the speed of hard-disk which affects data transfer rate. They are actually just created to disturb users. Hacker doesn’t get any benefit by spreading viruses. Some do it for fun, some for revenge etc.


2. Worms.


Worms work same as a virus but the only difference is that they can replicate themselves. They can transfer from one machine to another and can become more dangerous. For example, in my pc there are 200 worms, if transferred they can become even 2000.

After successfully coming in pc. They start consuming ram, processing power etc. that makes your computer super slow.

Worms don’t need Human action they are independent.

3. Trojans.


Trojans are very harmful to one’s privacy and security. For example, you are visiting an unknown website to download a software. You’ve downloaded a software that looks weird, without icon and awkward name. When you install that software on your computer. Trojan is now installed. 

Trojan open backdoors in a pc that can easily allow a hacker to get into your database and steal information such as credit card, debit card, ID, password etc.

4. Ransomware.


Ransomware is specially programmed by a hacker to earn a lot of profit. As the name suggests “Ransom”, money that kidnapper asks after kidnapping your beloved. Same with ransomware, it is a program that encrypts your data in your machine without your permission. Then the hacker asks for ransom in bitcoin to decrypt your data.

Ransomware can really be very harmful, think about it. If you are doing a project for your company that worth millions and your pc data gets encrypted. You can even lose your job and even the company will face a lot of loss.



Spyware is designed to steal your data privately without your knowledge. This is a malicious program created by a hacker to access info then he can sell that information and hacker will surely earn the profit. Hacker will get you in a trap and will manage you to download the malicious application and install it. That’s it, Hacker now got full access to your personal files.

How to avoid Malware?

  • Stop visiting HTTP connection website and unknown website.
  • Stop downloading unwanted content or program, if needed download it from the official website.
  • Avoid installing crack software.
  • Install and run paid antivirus with internet protection.
  • Keep software and OS up to date.
  • Be careful while downloading files online.


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Graphics Card Explained – How GPU works?

3 min read

When we are looking forward to building a High-end PC. One might think about installing a GPU but do you really know what is GPU and for what it is used for? This is a perfect article for you alive on the web. ‘Graphics Card Explained.’

Graphics card.


What is Graphics Card?

Graphics card is also known as the graphical processing unit. It is the processor only dedicated for processing graphics. Any image or video on the screen is the part of Graphics only. Graphics card converts digital data into signals that your monitor can understand.

Graphics card really helps in increasing the performance of a computer.



As I’ve told you that GPU helps us in rendering the Image that we see on our monitor but wait, what about CPU? Central Processing Unit is known as CPU. GPU, as well as CPU both, are processor but they are very different.

CPU is the main processor of your computer which calculates everything in a program. If you are working on a spreadsheet, your CPU is calculating everything in it. If we talk about GPU, it calculates everything related to graphics.

CPU = All Processes ; GPU = Only Graphics.

There are 2073600 pixels in 1080p full HD screen. Each pixel has its own calculation. So if you are running a game on 1080p 60 FPS. Each pixel is being calculated 60 times and there are a total of 2073600 pixels. The processor also has some background applications and software to do calculations on + your game makes everything choppy.

GPU is installed in the system to avoid lag because it reduces the work of processor as now GPU is doing all the Graphical calculations.

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How Powerful GPU is?

If you have an i7 processor installed in a system without GPU and an i3 processor installed in another system without GPU. Most probably i3 processor’s PC will play GTA V or other high-end graphics game very smoothly.

GPU is also used in bitcoin mining, Video Editing and Game Development.

Types of Graphics Card.

There are two types of Graphics card.

  • Integrated Graphics Card.
  • Dedicated Graphics card.

Both are GPU.

Integrated GPU is on-board GPU weather Dedicated GPU is separate GPU which we install. Integrated GPU is a graphical processing unit inside the processor. Graphics are extremely important so, now the processors are built with inbuilt GPU which has a separate place inside the processor as shown in below image.


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Processor architecture.

Integrated GPU is quite weak as compared to Dedicated one.

Dedicated Graphics Card is installed in motherboard. It has its own processor, ram etc. in order to render only graphics. D. GPU is quite powerful to perform graphical tasks. A computer with dedicated GPU really helps to render video much faster. This type of Graphics Card also helps you to play high-end games, do bitcoin mining etc.


If you want to build a Gaming PC, I strongly prefer to use Graphics card firstly then you can buy an AMD processor which will make a perfect match.

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What is VPN? How it works?

How VPN works?
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In today’s world where privacy stays nowhere. VPN is helping us to keep our Privacy a bit secure. VPN is most commonly used by corp. to protect their sensitive data. What isVPN? Vpn actually masks our IP.


What is VPN?

VPN also is known as Virtual Private Network. It can help you in hiding your IP Address on the Internet moreover it can help you in a lot of other ways too.

VPN adds extra security and privacy to Private and Public connections.  Many Corp. uses VPN, as a result, their data becomes safe but people using the private virtual private network is too becoming popular.

The virtual private network makes a computer secure because it’s original IP is replaced by the IP provided by the VPN provider. For example, if you are in India, you can obtain IP of UAE and surf the internet as people of UAE does.


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Amazing Uses Of VPN:

  • Hide your identity: VPN can hide your IP that will hide your identity on the internet.
  • Change Location: Using a Virtual Private Network can even help you in changing your location, you can select your own desired location while using Virtual Private Network.
  • Access Blocked Websites: For example, a website is blocked in India. You can change your location to the U.S.A. by choosing an IP assigned on US server. This is how a website will be unblocked.
  • Protect Privacy: By changing your IP, your internet provider will not be able to track your actions on the internet as Virtual Private Network makes a tunnel between you and the Internet.       *conditions apply*


How VPN provides security:

I’ve already told you that companies use a virtual private network for the sake of the security of their private information. We know that data posted on HTTP website is unencrypted means that we can read it normally. So if you are using a website with HTTP connection on a public wifi, a hacker can easily intercept and steal packages that contains your information such as ID and password of that website(NOTE: can be more critical). VPN adds security in your connection as it uses advanced security technique to encrypt packages that really help in the security of a connection.

This is how Virtual Private Network OR VPN helps you.


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Setting up a Virtual Private Network:

Setting up a Virtual Private Network is very easy. It differs from OS. Linux, the method is different from Windows. VPN comes with a trial version and a paid version. I personally prefer you to use a paid one cause it provides extra features moreover it protects data from being breached.

Windows, If you are using a Windows machine. Just download the best VPN and you are done. Similarly, using a Linux machine you can just search for the tutorials on the Web you’ll get a lot of these.

Some of the Best VPN providers are:

  • Express VPN.
  • Nord VPN.
  • TunnelBear.
  • Hotspot Shield.
  • IP vanish.
  • CyberGhost.
  • Pure VPN.


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Different types of Processors and their features.

Tech Everywhere Processors
3 min read

There are mainly two companies that are currently leading the market in terms of processor. The two companies are Intel and AMD which leads in terms of speed and reliability. So, here are Intel’s Different types of Processors and their features.

Processors are the CPU (central processing unit) of a computer. It performs all the Arithmetical and mathematical calculations of binaries (01010111 language of the computer) of various programs. The processor handles each and every task of your Computer.

Processors are of different types such as Celeron, Pentium, Dual-core, i3, i5,i7,i9 etc. but here we are going to discuss i3,i5,i7 only cause they share some features while i9 and others work on a different kind of Technology.

Before we start, let me tell you some very important things. EVERY PROCESSOR IS BEST, IT JUST DEPENDS UPON YOUR CHOICE, BUDGET ETC. that which one fits best according to your need.


Intel Core i3.

intel-corei3 Tech Everywhere

It is a dual-core processor, first launched in Jan 2010. It comes with Integrated Graphics. As it comes with Hyper-Threading technology which makes dual-core to function like quad-core but wait…it is dual-core it can work better with dual-core technology but will surely not work just like quad-core.

This processor is quite powerful to run games but if you are building a PC make sure you buy a good high powerful graphics card, with a good Graphics card this processor can handle games like GTA 5 easily.


  • Dual-core.
  • Hyper-Threading.
  • Lot cheaper.
  • Max cache=3MB.

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Intel Core i5.

It’s a Mid-range processor launched by Intel that comes with enabled Turbo-boost technology(turn off cores if not in use) that really makes this processor really fast but doesn’t support Hyper-Threading. It comes with 4 cores known as quad-core. It comes with a Mid-range Intel’s Integrated GPU and Cache is maximum of 8 MB and the minimum of 3MB.


  • Mid-range Processor.
  • Turbo boost enabled.
  • 2-4 cores.
  • Mid-Range GPU.
  • 3-8 MB cache.

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Intel Core i7.

i7 Tech Everywhere

It was first released in 2009, a  very expensive and a powerful processor. It comes with 4 cores with Hyper-Threading technology enabled with makes it work like 8 core that gives out amazing performance. This processor is super powerful and can handle all your computing tasks. It works best with PC components which are complementing it. If your PC is built with i7 Processor with latest component configuration. Your PC will work as a Pro your experience will be completely changed. It comes with 4 to 8 MB of cache.


  • Super Expensive.
  • High-end Processor.
  • 4 Cores.
  • 8 Threads.
  • Hyper-Threading enables.
  • Turbo Boost enabled.

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Samsung soon to launch Galaxy A9 with 4 cameras.

2 min read

Samsung will launch the World’s first phone with 4 camera setup. Samsung Galaxy A9 was unveiled in October at an event in Malaysia.



Samsung Galaxy A9

In the time of the technology continuously changing, Samsung has announced a Phone with 4 camera setup. Samsung Galaxy a9 is confirmed to be launched on November 20 in the event of Samsung, invites are out for the events.

Samsung says that the camera setup is highly optimized for Instagram as it really cares about the picture quality and details of the picture.

In the USA, this phone is priced at around $720(52000 rupees). We are hoping it to be at 50000 rupees in India.


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The Four Camera Setup.


The camera setup contains 4 cameras. These are the following:

  • 24 MP Primary Camera.
  • 8 MP wide-angle lens.
  • 5 MP depth-sensing camera.
  • 10 MP lens to allow 2x zoom.

The primary camera is of 24 MP to capture pictures (even works best in low-light situations.) The 8 MP wide-angle lens works with the primary camera to capture a wider area. The 5 MP depth-sensing camera senses the background, works with the primary camera to create blur effect in portrait mode.

The front camera will be of 24 MP.




Screen: 6.3 inches Super AMOLED Display(full hd+)

Chipset: Exynos 7885.

Ram: 6 GB.

Internal Storage: 128 GB.

OS: Android 8 oreo.

Battery: 3800 mah.

Charging: Supports fast charging.

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Flexible Screen Explained. Truth Revealed.

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We’ve listened about the flexible display from a long time that phone will come with the flexible display that can be easily folded and kept in the pocket.

We have seen the flexible display in science fiction movies. Now that fiction is becoming reality day by day.

SAMSUNG has shown us the phone with a foldable screen.


Samsung faced a lot of problems while making this screen.

  1. Normal Phones have screens made of glass. As the Glass is not flexible, they have to build up a material that is strong as well as very flexible.
  2. Normal Screens are connected with the panel using screws, as we know that when we fold any object it stretches but if screws are fixed the screen can not fold. Hence, a flexible material was required.
  3. Android will not support these types of phones. Hence Android will be modified or a new version of Android will be launched by GOOGLE.


This Phone is the actual change in the technology of phones. Now-a-days very minor change in phone becomes a trend which actually doesn’t matter enough such a bezel removal, dual camera etc.

This will be a Big change in smartphones.

Now, what about the price of this phone?

I am 100% sure that this phone will not be purchasable under 10k or 17k rupees, this can worth up to 70k to 1 lakh easily. This phone will become a trend but everyone will not be able to purchase this phone.