Types of Hackers & Reason of their hacking!

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In 2019, cybersecurity is very important for an organization. Essentially there are some of the hackers who protect the company and some are there who hack into the company. Every hacker has a different mindset while they are hacking. I’ve already published top 5 hackers. So here are “Types of Hackers & Reason of their hacking!“.

Types of Hackers and why they hack?

Basically, there are 3 types of hackers.

  • White Hat Hackers.

  • Black Hat Hackers.

  • Grey Hat Hackers.

White Hat Hackers.



They are also known as Ethical hacker because they perform ethical hacking. Some of them are ceh(certified ethical hacker) while some are non-certified. They are the kind of hackers who hack legally. For example, I have a company right? I need my company’s security to be high. I will hire a hacker who will take full legal permission to hack my company’s system. Then he will tell me about the bugs and vulnerabilities found in my company’s system through which a hacker can hack. Now, when I came to know the problems in the system I can fix it.

Black Hat Hackers.


Hackers who hack systems for their own benefits are known as Black Hat Hackers. They are totally illegal. They don’t have any rights to hack. For example, my company is at great heights such as Microsoft. They will try to hack my system and steal information, then they used to sell it on the dark web for money and will earn millions. This kind of hackers is known as black hat hackers. They are usually been caught by law forces.

Grey Hat Hackers.

Greyhat Hackers.

They are also like black hats as they hack system without legal permission of the owner. They hack the system, not for money or their own greed. They do it for fun, entertainment purpose. They just hack systems to irritate owners etc. Mainly they have the intention to hurt the security without any greed.


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