What is MITMA? – Man in the middle attack.

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Hackers have many ways to reach your database and steal your privacy. Nowadays, people are uploading everything on social media basically on the internet. Hence, you can be hacked. There is an attack “MITMA” which a hacker might use to steal precious data from your personal computer(including phone) this is known as “Man in the middle attack” 


What is MITA – Man in the middle attack?

MITMA is commonly known as the man in the middle attack. Hackers can steal your data easily performing this attack. Man in the middle attack can only be performed if the victim is connected to the same internet connection. For example, I and hacker are sitting in a coffee shop and using the public WI-FI of that shop. Hacker can intercept the packages, read my text messages, see what I am surfing etc. This type of attack is called the man in the middle attack or MITMA. Essentially a hacker comes in between our device and router and all the traffic that comes from the router is first received by the hacker and then passes to the particular device. Hence, this enables data to be easily stolen by a hacker. man in the middle attack

Http and Https connections in Mitma

There are two types of connections that are established while you surf a website. One is commonly known as http and other is https. Http connection is Hyper text transfer protocol whereas Https is Hyper text transfer protocol.

There are two types of data transfer. First is GET and second is POST. When we are surfing any website by clicking on a link etc. it is GET method whereas when we enter any information such as comment, sign in info etc. it is a POST request.

When we POST anything we send information to the server and while we receive any information from the server we use GET. Http connection is not secure as it allows data to be sent in human readable text whereas Https is a secure connection which doesn’t allow data to be transferred in human language.

While you surf http website and a hacker is doing man in the middle attack. He can read all the info that you’ve sent but in https connection, matter changes as it doesn’t allow the hacker to read info easily.

Read again I said easily not impossible. Yet a pro hacker can easily, even interpret in your connection and can even change the results that came from the server.

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How to protect yourself?

Protecting yourself from a hacker’s attack is not an easy task but still is not impossible. 

If you want your data to be secure don’t use public wifi. Even try to protect your wifi to be hacked because if it happens hacker again gets a privilege to sniff the package in your network.

If you want to use public wifi, you can use it. You just need to be careful about a few things that’s enough. First, make sure you are connected to the public wifi that is 24*7 monitored by the govt. this prevents hackers to interpret your packages.

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