Types of Malware | Ways to avoid them !

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In today’s world, privacy stays nowhere. Hackers can easily hack you from anywhere. Spreading Malware is one of the easiest ways to steal data and get control of someone by a Hacker. You should know the Types of Malware” and the Ways to avoid them!”

Types of Malware Hacker by techeverywhere.in

What is Malware?

Malware is a computer program designed by hackers furthermore is very dangerous to your computer. Malware can steal your personal data and send it to hacker’s database. That makes your privacy exposed.

Malware can even slow down your computer speed and make it super slow af, reboot unexpectedly, crash applications etc.

Types of Malware

1. Virus


Full form of the virus is Vital information resource under siege. Viruses are small programs that are auto executable. It causes troubles in the functioning of the computer. Viruses damage or delete the important file on your machine.

Virus even enters Hard-disk boot section and lowers the speed of hard-disk which affects data transfer rate. They are actually just created to disturb users. Hacker doesn’t get any benefit by spreading viruses. Some do it for fun, some for revenge etc.


2. Worms.


Worms work same as a virus but the only difference is that they can replicate themselves. They can transfer from one machine to another and can become more dangerous. For example, in my pc there are 200 worms, if transferred they can become even 2000.

After successfully coming in pc. They start consuming ram, processing power etc. that makes your computer super slow.

Worms don’t need Human action they are independent.

3. Trojans.


Trojans are very harmful to one’s privacy and security. For example, you are visiting an unknown website to download a software. You’ve downloaded a software that looks weird, without icon and awkward name. When you install that software on your computer. Trojan is now installed. 

Trojan open backdoors in a pc that can easily allow a hacker to get into your database and steal information such as credit card, debit card, ID, password etc.

4. Ransomware.


Ransomware is specially programmed by a hacker to earn a lot of profit. As the name suggests “Ransom”, money that kidnapper asks after kidnapping your beloved. Same with ransomware, it is a program that encrypts your data in your machine without your permission. Then the hacker asks for ransom in bitcoin to decrypt your data.

Ransomware can really be very harmful, think about it. If you are doing a project for your company that worth millions and your pc data gets encrypted. You can even lose your job and even the company will face a lot of loss.



Spyware is designed to steal your data privately without your knowledge. This is a malicious program created by a hacker to access info then he can sell that information and hacker will surely earn the profit. Hacker will get you in a trap and will manage you to download the malicious application and install it. That’s it, Hacker now got full access to your personal files.

How to avoid Malware?

  • Stop visiting HTTP connection website and unknown website.
  • Stop downloading unwanted content or program, if needed download it from the official website.
  • Avoid installing crack software.
  • Install and run paid antivirus with internet protection.
  • Keep software and OS up to date.
  • Be careful while downloading files online.


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