TOP 5 Ways to Earn Money Online

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In 2018, the World population has reached about 7.7 Billion and is simultaneously increasing. Most People are becoming victims of unemployment. We know that the Internet has reached every home. So here are ‘TOP Ways to Earn Money Online.’

TOP Ways to Earn Money Online


A blog is simply nothing but just a Website with a lot of posted article on it which viewers can read according to their own interest. Blogger is a term given to people doing blogging.

There is two type of blogs, First one is paid and another one is free. A free blog can be created using Google’s Blogger and paid will cost you. Paid Blog is very advanced as compared to free.

Blogger provides you with simple template and theme whereas WordPress or other paid service will provide you with a lot of themes and plugins with just one click. Blogger provides you with a free domain that will surely never be ranked on google and will affect the visitors on your website whereas the paid domain will be easily ranked.

I will surely prefer you to start with blogger(free blog) to get enough experience of blogging. Then you can upgrade to paid that will be your permanent website.



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Freelancing is one of the best ways to earn money online that’s why we’ve included it in ‘TOP Ways to Earn Money Online’. A freelancer is a person who is involved in the job of freelancing. Freelancing is really easy to do and you can earn a lot doing freelancing.

Freelancing is a job where people orders for an online service from freelancer when the job is done customer pays the freelancer. There are so many freelancing websites. Starting as a freelancer is very easy, just go to any freelancing website and sign-up to start working as a freelancer.

Even I have earned up to $343 doing a very easy job as a freelancer.

Best Freelancing Websites are:


3. Youtube.


Youtube is one of the ways to earn money online but becoming a Youtuber is not that easy. Guys you really need to work very hard to become a successful YouTuber. After your channel is completed with 4000 hours and 1000 subs. You can monetize your content and can earn money as well as people will start knowing you.

As compared to any other online job becoming a YouTuber is hard. Youtube even gives you less money than blog or freelancing etc. but once you become a popular YouTuber even famous brands like Samsung will sponsor you.


4. Affiliate Marketing.



Everyone knows that the world is becoming digital day by day. People are now buying bulk products on the Internet which becomes good for a person doing affiliate marketing.

You just need to sign-up for affiliate program of any company like Amazon, Flipkart etc. Now you will generate an affiliate link of a product for example, of a camera. If someone buys that camera by visiting your link you will get the share of the payment made by the customer.

Affiliate marketing works best with a blog or a popular Youtube channel. I have seen people earning lakhs doing affiliate marketing.


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5. Online Surveys.



Online Survey is one of the best ways to earn money online. Corporations desperately seeking people’s opinion about their product. Single Survey can cost up to 10 or 15 USD.

Be careful while choosing the website to do survey cause there are many fake websites also. There are many reputable websites those you can trust on.


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