Top 5 Hacking Tools For Hackers-Linux.

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Hacking tools are developed to ease and minimize the task of a hacker. These Hacking Tools are developed by expert coders. Here is the list of Top 5 Hacking Tools For Hackers.


5. Nmap.


Nmap is one of the most liked hacking tools by hackers. This tool is completely open-source and free utility. It was developed to check network host and current running service on the system. It can analyze many things such as hosts, service, os, firewall etc.

You can use this tool by cloning it on your Linux by this URL:

or visit the website:

4. Wpscan.


As we all know that many websites use WordPress. To find the vulnerabilities of those websites there is an amazing hacking tool called wpscan. Wpscan is free, for non-commercial use. This tool is written by security professionals to test the security of ONLY WORDPRESS POWERED WEBSITES.

This is one of the most amazing tool for hacker, you must try it.

Wpscan Website:

Or clone it Through Github in your LINUX.

Github Wpscan:


3. Wireshark.



This tool is loved even by me. Yes, this is Wireshark. This tool is used to capture packets and inspect them. This tool can be used in many ways. This tool can be used to check what data is sent over your wifi, moreover, black-hat hackers use this tool to do MITM attack that is the man in the middle attack. This tool is written in c and c++ which are very powerful languages.

In my later post, you might see a tutorial about Wireshark, for that stay tuned 🙂


Wireshark website:


2. Maltego.


This is a GUI based information gathering tool developed for gathering information about the particular target. This is a very powerful tool liked by many hackers. It has a free version as well as paid version. The paid version is recommended for ethical hackers working for the company whereas community edition is recommended for a beginner in hacking.

This tool is even available for Windows as well as Mac and Linux obviously. This tool is mainly for online investigations related to the target or victim. It represents data in the form of graphs.


1. Burpsuite.


Here comes the boss. Yes, it is burp suite. Burpsuite is one of the best hacking tools across the globe, even I am sure about it that every hacker uses this tool. This tool is used for testing web application security moreover, this is a GUI tool that makes it easier to use for an absolute beginner. It has 2 edition, 1st is a community and another is professional version. This tool is used to detect security exposure as well as this tool can exploit these vulnerabilities.




These were the Top 5 Hacking Tools For Hackers. They are not only tools but according to my experience, these tools are really dope af. Try using this tools out.