How to buy parts for Gaming PC in 2019

How to buy parts for Gaming PC in 2019
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How to buy parts for Gaming PC in 2019

You might be interested to play the latest computer games that are in the market such as PUBG, GTA, WWE etc. But most probably you might not be having a Gaming PC to play those interesting computer games. So I have explained to you “How to buy parts for Gaming PC in 2019

I have explained each and every part that a gaming desktop should have to play the best pc games of 2019. This article will make you understand all the best parts. Your gaming PC should have to play the best pc games.


Before searching for any part. You must select the best budget for your gaming PC then you can continue :>


The Cabinet.

PC cabinet- How to buy parts for Gaming PC in 2019

A cabinet is one of the most important parts. It holds all the parts of desktop in it. Moreover, in a gaming PC, the cabinet gives a really cool look that creates a gaming environment.

You can buy according to your budget and your choice. But before buying, properly check about the vents that allow air to pass and come. Most probably all the cabinets are good you can buy any of them.


The Processor.

The Processor- How to buy parts for Gaming PC in 2019

The processor is one of the most essential parts of a computer. It performs all the processing tasks of a software. Choosing the right processor is very necessary.

There are two companies famous for making good processorsINTEL, AMD.

Both of these companies have different models of processors. Intel is better than AMD, performance wise. But if you are building a gaming pc then AMD would be a good choice as AMD processors are quite cheap as compared to Intel processors. For example, you invested your money for an INTEL processor. If you invest the same money for an AMD processor you might get better performance than INTEL’s.

After purchasing a good AMD processor you will save money that you can invest in a good GPU. Which is really important for a Gaming Desktop.

CPU cooler.

CPU Cooler - How to buy parts for Gaming PC in 2019

Processor while working gets too hot. So, to cool it down we need a proper cooling setup. If a processor gets hot, it automatically reduces its performance. Therefore, we need a powerful cooling system to cool the processor. Cooler for a processor is of two types- liquid and air. Liquid cooler works of liquid cooling technology which is good for high-end processors and overclocked processor. You can set up one liquid cooling system for your processor. It depends upon your budget and the work that you are doing on your processor.

The Motherboard.

Motherboard - How to buy parts for Gaming PC in 2019

The motherboard is another important part of the PC. If your motherboard is slow, every component will be useless. Using a good motherboard is the must for a gaming Desktop.

A motherboard is bought according to the processor. Hence, you’ll need to buy a processor first. Different processor needs a different socket in which it fits in. Best motherboard for AMD and Intel processors are different. Be careful, when you are buying the motherboard. For example, you have a socket AMD AM4 motherboard. You’ll need to buy the same socket processor.

The RAM.The RAM - How to buy parts for Gaming PC in 2019

RAM is a random access memory. It is a type of quick memory used by CPU for storing data which is quickly required for processing. It doesn’t store data for a long time.

Ram is an important factor as it helps to increase the performance of CPU. For gaming Desktop, it is much important. You can buy minimum 8GB ddr4 ram. I said DDR4… You can use Ram as much as possible, 32GB 64GB or whatever you want to. MINIMUM RAM NEEDS TO BE 8GB.

Graphics Card

Graphics card.

It is the most important part of a gaming desktop. Yes, it is the Graphics Card. I have already explained it in my previous post. If you are not following us, pls do so…

Graphics Card processes all the graphics in a game. So, even if you have a high-end CPU. You will experience choppy gameplay without a graphics card. It is a processor dedicated to only graphics. Therefore increases the gaming performance.

You’ll need to buy a high-end graphics card such as GTX 1080ti for the best gaming GPU. Or you can just go with your budget. But don’t compromise your graphics card for any other component. Graphics card is very essential for processing your graphics in your game.

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The SMPS - How to buy parts for Gaming PC in 2019

SMPS stands for switched mode power supply. It supplies power to your PC. SMPS are of different watts, for example, 600W, 500W. You’ll need different SMPS for different components. You can easily calculate the power supply your processor need by POWER SUPPLY CALCULATOR. It is also important as it supplies power to your PC.

The Storage Device

The SSD - How to buy parts for Gaming PC in 2019

A storage device is a unit which stores all your data in it. If in a gaming desktop, a storage device is slow. Everything will be slow.

Data storage in computers are of 3 types:


If you have a very high budget you can go for SSD; the budget is less you can buy SSHD; have very less budget go for HDD.

If you are using a good storage device. It will improve booting time and better gaming performance.

Keyboard & Mouse

Keyboard and mouse - How to buy parts for Gaming PC in 2019

Keyboard and mouse help in maintaining good gaming performance while playing computer games. Mechanical Keyboards are dedicated to gaming. They are expensive but gives very good gaming performance. Moreover, if you are using a Keyboard and mouse combo. It will feel amazing…while gaming. A keyboard, as well as a mouse, are available on Amazon etc.

While buying it, don’t make a hurry. Add a particular product in the wishlist and wait for the price drop as in these products prices are fluctuating.


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