Bleah – The BLE scanner for Smart Devices.

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You might be searching for a scanner for smart devices. Or you might be looking for how to install “Bleah” in your Linux system. Here, you goona discover everything about it. This tool is coded by Simone ‘evilsocket’ Margaritelli.


Disclaimer: Techy team don’t have any responsibility if you attack someone else network without prior permission. Everything you do after it is your own risk. Just a general reminder.

How to install Bleah?

Installing bleah is quite easy and even using this tool is very easy. Just follow the below tutorial.

  • Install [bluepy] ( from:
git clone
cd bluepy
python build
sudo python install
  • Let’s install our tool aka Bleah:
git clone
cd bleah
python build
sudo python install

Installing is done. Now you can successfully use the tool for your work. Don’t know how to use??? This article contains everything about it. Let’s look at how to use this tool?!

How to use the Tool?

usage: bleah [-h] [-i HCI] [-t TIMEOUT] [-s SENSITIVITY] [-b MAC] [-f] [-e] [-u UUID] [-d DATA] [-r DATAFILE]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -i HCI, --hci HCI     HCI device index.
  -t TIMEOUT, --timeout TIMEOUT
                        Scan delay, 0 for continuous scanning.
                        dBm threshold.
  -b MAC, --mac MAC     Filter by device address.
  -f, --force           Try to connect even if the device doesn't allow to.
  -e, --enumerate       Connect to available devices and perform services
  -u UUID, --uuid UUID  Write data to this characteristic UUID (requires --mac
                        and --data).
  -d DATA, --data DATA  Data to be written.
  -r DATAFILE, --datafile DATAFILE
                        Read data to be written from this file.

Let’s look at some examples to make your understanding better of this tool.


Connect to a particular device and enumerate everything:

sudo bleah -b "aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff" -e

Keep scanning for BTLE devices:

sudo bleah -t0

So, hope you’ve understood everything about the tool. Happy hacking!!! If you’ve enjoyed reading this article make sure you leave a comment. Any problems? Tell me on my Instagram I will reply to you over there.

Download Tool – Github


I hope you have understood how to install bleah in your linux system. Do not scan any device that you don’t own as it is illegal by law.

If you’ve followed me carefully, you will face no problems and your Bleah will be installed without any problem. If you do face any problem. Please let our techeverywhere team know about it. So, that we can further solve that issue. If you have any suggestions or questions regarding our article, you can contact us via contact us page on our website. Sharing this article is highly appreatiated.