PUBG Mobile new update 0.11.0 with Resident Evil 2

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PUBG is soon going to release an update with collaboration with Resident Evil 2. PUBG officially stated that this will be the most awaited update of PUBG. So, here are the top features of “PUBG Mobile new update 0.11.0

PUBG collab with Resident Evil 2


PUBG Mobile collab with Resident Evil 2

This time PUBG is going to release its new update with collaboration with one and only RESIDENT EVIL 2. PUBG stated that this is the most awaited update that is going to be released by PUBG. All the information related to this update is down below.


New Vehicle

This update will bring 2 new vehicles that are super amazing. The first vehicle is Snow Bike which is amazingly fast as compared to snowmobile in Vikendi map and Tukshai commonly knows as Auto-Rickshaw in Sanhok.

Tukshai new vehicle

Snow bike PUBG

Vikendi Map

Next update is about Vikendi Map. In the next update, it will be removed from the beta version and will get moonlight and snowfall in the map. I know this feels really excited to hear it right?

Vikendi Map new update

New Weapons

This update is going to introduce some new amazing weapons which are G36C which uses 5.56 mm bullets and the second weapon is PP19 in Pistol category which uses 9mm bullets and M134 which is a machine gun using 7.62 MM bullets with firing capacity of 200 bullets per reload.

G36C PUBG new update

PP19 new pubg update

M134 PUBG update

Weather change

This update will bring changes to the weather. Right now we only have Sanhok in raining. But in this update, Erangel and Miramar will also face weather changes such as rain, lightning etc.

New Death Cam Feature

This is the most satisfying feature because if a player kills you and you are 100% confident about your skills and have a dought that the player is cheating. You can watch the replay of your kill. This feature is really good because hackers are increasing in the game day by day.

Zombie Mode

In the new update, with collaboration with Resident Evil 2. PUBG is going to release new Zombie Mode. You can play the new Zombie mode and new Zombie map which is inspired by Rozhok


Zombie Mode in PUBG

Release Date of 0.11.0

According to the sources, the new update will be launched globally on 14 Feb 2019. Yes, that’s Valentine’s day.



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