Pornhub Full Analysis Report 2018

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Whenever you are alone at home, you might think about watching Porn. When it comes to Porn, “Pornhub” is the first website which comes to your mind. Have you ever thought why Pornhub is so great in providing every category of porn? Here, you are gonna know everything.


We all know about YouTube right? It is a video sharing website. Where a user can create an account and then start uploading videos. Same with Pornhub, it is too a video sharing website where a user needs to create an account to start uploading videos, like, share, etc to other videos.

But on YouTube pornographic content isn’t allowed according to its community guidelines. On the other hand, Pornhub is specifically a website to watch, upload, share adult 18+ content. 


Pornhub is one of the best Canadian Porn websites on the Internet. Pornhub is serving with amazing videos since 2007. It now owns a large network of porn websites such as Redtube etc. The website is developed by a web developer named “Matt Keezer“. From normal videos to 360-degree videos Pornhub has evolved so far.

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Pornhub Full Analysis Report 2018.

Pornhub Insight

The image shown above shows stats of each minute on Pornhub.


Watching 207,405 videos through 57,750 searches, Every minute sees 63,992 new visitors to the site. That minute sees 12 new videos and two hours of content uploaded. That minute sees 7708 Gigabytes of data transferred worldwide. That minute sees user statistics of 13,962 profile views, 593 follows 167 friend requests accepted, 122 messages sent, 271 videos rates, 528 videos added to playlists and 22 new comments left. That’s one hell of a minute. Think of any minute in your life and besides that minute back in high school where you actually got a fresh roll before they turned cold and rock hard, it’s a pretty effective and efficient minute. So, it means that even one minute is very important in one’s life.

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