How to install Kali Linux on VMware.

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Kali Linux is an open-source operating system designed for IT professionals, computer geeks and pen-testers. If you are enthusiastic to learn Linux, you need to install it first. So, here I will explain to you “How to install Kali Linux on VMware.

How to install Kali Linux on VMware.

VMware is a software that creates a virtual environment for an operating system. Therefore, if we are using VMware, you are using windows+Linux at the same time on a single PC.

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How to install Kali Linux on VMware:

  • Download and install VMware from the official website.
  • Download Kali Linux from the official website using direct or torrent.
  • Open VMware.
  • Create a new machine.
  • select ISO file of kali.
  • choose the perfect configuration of resources according to your PC.
  • Done.
  • After it, you’ll need to fire up kali.
  • Choose install option in the menu bar.
  • Follow the easy instructions.
  • Believe me, they are very easy.
  • The installation process takes up to 45 min on average PC.
  • After installation goes to display settings.
  • Choose the best display according to your monitor
  • Installation is completed and you are all set to use your OS.




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