GetintoPC – Free Software Download Detailed Review

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Hey, you might have heard about the very popular software downloading website. If you have little interest in cybersecurity, you must have thought about the software’s security that is downloaded from “GetintoPC”.


What is GetintoPC?

Most of the people already know about this website. Still, for our website followers. This website is actually a software downloading platform. Cracked Softwares to being more specific. Using this website you can get your desired paid application/software without actually paying for it. By this way, you get premium software for free. You can download any kind of software including video editors, audio editors, 3D animation, compressor, etc.

You might have thought that this website might be so good. But wait, In cybersecurity, everything has a different meaning. For this website, we will discuss the pros or cons of using this website’s software or cracked software of any website.

Benefits of using GetintoPC:

  • Download paid software: This website allows you to download cracked software that worth much money.
  • No Survey: GetintoPC doesn’t ask you to complete human surveys to download software.
  • No Popups: This website doesn’t give irritating popups like other websites.
  • Single File: You can download software in one complete part. Using a direct link.
  • Website has clean Google Ads only…


How software is cracked?

Now, let’s understand how software cracks actually work? We know that software contains many codes. These codes also contain the activation code. So, a software cracker edits those codes and replace it with the desired code. Therefore, there is one exception. Nowadays software has online activation. In this case, cracker disables the use of the internet for the particular software. So that the software can’t communicate with their servers. Now cracker easily replaces the codes and cracks the software.

One of the huge question if that, why a cracker uses his skills to crack a software. Yes, it is true that cracker too gets benefited by that crack software. Wondering how??? Let me explain you.

Cracker after cracking the software usually binds a payload in that software. Now, if that software is installed on millions of PCs. All the PCs can be directly controlled by the cracker/hacker. Even the cracked software sends private information to hackers such as email ID, Password, etc.

Is GetintoPC safe?

See, without any true evidence, we can’t defame any website. But there is much risk of installing software from GetintoPC or any other website that provides cracked software. As I’ve told you earlier hackers are very smart.

Specifically, I have got an amazing idea to use cracked software without any problem i.e harm of privacy/private data. By using that Idea you can use GetintoPC’s software without any problem.

But for that, you’ll need to download a virus-free software. This trick will prevent the software to send data to server/cracker/hacker. GetintoPC virus is normally not present in their software.

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Use Cracked Softwares Safely!

As I have told you that the software sends data to servers. What if we block the software from using the internet. It won’t be able to send any data outside your computer. We will do it through the Windows Firewall.

To block a software’s internet use:

  • Open Start Menu.

GetintoPC Virus

  • Search for “Windows Firewall“. Then open it.
  • After opening it you will see “Advanced Settings“.Open itGetintoPC safe?
  • After you go to “Advanced settings”. Go to inbound rules and create a new rule.

GetintoPC nexus 2

Now it is quite easy,

After you click on the new rule:

  • Select “Program” in options.
  • Select the cracked program that you’ve installed by giving the exact path of particular software .exe main file.
  • Then Choose “Block the connection” option and create the rule by giving it any desired name.

You have to do the same with outbound rules too just like inbound rules all the steps are the same.

In this way, you can safely use GetintoPC cracked software without any data breach of privacy risk.

Furthermore, for more security, you can use a good premium Antivirus installed in your system. That will prevent any software of virus bound to install in your system.


In this article, I’ve given you a detailed review of GetintoPC website and also explained how hackers hack your data using cracked software. I’ve also told you the way to use cracked software without even satisfying your privacy/private data. Even, I explained to you about the Windows firewall. And Is it safe to use GetintoPC website or not?

If you have any suggestions or confusions regarding this article. You can use the Contact page of tech everywhere to contact our team for quick assistance. Thank you for reading up to here, Have a nice day 🙂

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