How to Rename Local Git Branch?

rename branch git
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So, you’ve created a git branch but renamed it incorrectly? This article is for you! You’ve got good luck as Git allows to rename the Git Branch easily just by using the -m code. Let’s learn how to do it?

rename branch git

What is Branch Git?

branch in Git is simply a lightweight movable pointer to one of these commits.

How to Rename Branch Git?

If you are following my steps carefully then don’t worry you will be able to rename very easily. It just consists of few steps. Follow me:

    1. Switch to the Git that you want name to be changed.

    git checkout  <OLD-NAME>

  1.  Rename Branch Git. By using the following command.

git branch -m  <NEW-NAME>

3.  Delete the Old-name remote branch.

git push origin --delete <OLD-NAME>

4.  Insert <NEW-NAME> and reset the up-stream branch.

git push origin -u <NEW-NAME>

Now you’ve successfully renamed the local and remote git branch.



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Install Google Chrome in Linux System – 2019

Install Chrome in Linux
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Google Chrome is one of the best choices when we talk about browsers. If you are using a Linux distro it is little difficult to “Install Chrome in Linux” but if you carefully follow me you will face no issues while installing Chrome.

Install Chrome in Linux

Precations: Just by typing sudo you’ll get superuser access or admin access. Make sure you do it cause without it you can’t do anything or proceed further.

Install Chrome in Linux:

  1. Download Google Chrome: First you’ll need to download google chrome file to further install it in your system. For that, you can just paste this code in terminal or just go to the official website of Google and download it from there.

Chrome Official


2. After you finish downloading. You can further proceed. Ubuntu needs superuser access for that as I’ve told you just type sudo. This will allow you sudo privileges.

sudo dpkg -i google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb

3. Now you’ve successfully installed google chrome in Linux system. In case you are getting a no-sandbox error which most users face. Then follow these steps to furthermore solve that issue.

Solve NO-SandBox Error!!!

    • Navigate to “places” from the top bar.Install Chrome in Linux
    • Go to “Computer
    • Now go to “Usr” Folder.
    • Then go to the “Share” folder.
    • Press Ctrl + F key
  • Search for “chrome
  • You’ll find a chrome Icon appearing.
  • Then open properties of that.
  • Then in command section at last paste --no-sandbox
  • Go to the permissions in the same properties.
  • Then tick on “Allow executing the file as a program

Update Google Chrome in Linux:

For updating google chrome. It is a bit complicated, but don’t worry, I am here to help you.

  • First, you’ll need to edit your linux’s repository file. Just paste the below code in your terminal.

cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google-chrome.list

  • After you’ve done it. Cheers, everything is done congo. Happy using Chrome.

# You may comment out this entry, but any other modifications may be lost.
deb [arch=amd64] stable main


I hope you have now understood to “Install Chrome in Linux”. If you did face any issue regarding this article. Please, feel free to contact me via the Contact Us page of our website. Comment down below your opinion about this article.


Suyash Tiwari

Best Text Editors for Ubuntu – Updated 2019

Best Text editors for ubuntu
4 min read

You might be searching for the best text editor that you can use in your Ubuntu system. Well, here I will tell you the “Best Text Editors for Ubuntu” that you’ll probably gonna like. Let’s begin a great journey…

Best Text editors for ubuntu

So, if you going or thinking to develop an application. Then, this article is a great choice, sir. I will tell you about all the editors that I’ve used personally and liked. I am also gonna link the official website from where you can redirect and download these editors officially without any issue of risk.

Best Text Editors for Ubuntu

  1. Atom.

Atom - Best text editors for ubuntu

Atom is one of the best text editors for ubuntu out there. Even I personally like it. Atom is officially free and open-source developed and managed by Github. It has a completely customizable UI that everyone likes and praises.

It supports C, C++, C#, CoffeeScript, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, Python, Perl and many other languages. Furthermore, it is also called as the completely hackable text editor.

2. VIM

VIM - Best text editors for ubuntu

VIM is an advanced text editor for ubuntu with IDE-like features. It is a very simple text editor but a beginner will find it really difficult to use it. Still, it is one of the most powerful text editors out there in the market for ubuntu users.

3. Sublime Text

Sublime Text - Best text editors for ubuntu.

Sublime Text is a source code editor codded in C++, Python with PythonAPI. If you are a simple kind of developer who doesn’t like to mess with complex things than this one is for you. It consists of a lightweight UI. Its feature reaches IDE has many basic features like auto-completion,  etc. and many more advanced features like Minimap, Keyboard Shortcuts, Command Pallete, Split Editing, etc.


Geany - Best Text Editors for ubuntu

Geany is also a light and easy to use text editor designed for ubuntu. It is also mentioned in all the repositories of all Linux distros. It is ideal for programming especially

5. Eclipse

Eclipse - Best Text Editors for ubuntuIt is an open-source editor designed for java developers. It is very advanced and modern kind of IDE available in the market which is written in JAVA. Eclipse helps you in JAVA programming Furthermore, if you install external plugins you can code in other languages as well. It comes with a cool IDE which will comfort your eyes.

6. Brackets

Brackets - Best Text Editors for ubuntu

Who doesn’t know Adobe? Brackets is developed by Adobe. It is fully open-source with very impressive UI and IDE. If we want, we can install external plugins to get more amazing features. It provides developers with amazing features which makes text editing very easy.


7. BlueFish Editor

BlueFish - Best Text Editors for ubuntu

Image is cute right? The BlueFish text editor is developed by BlueFish team. It supports c++, Html, CSS, PHP, C, SQL, JAVA, Python, etc. Furthermore, this is a very simple and light text editor. If you want to use it you can get it from their official website.


Gedit - Best Text Editors for ubuntu

Gedit is an IDE which comes preinstalled as the default code editor of GNOME. This is created with simplicity in mind. Gedit offers you customizable of syntax highlighting for several programming languages such as C, C++, HTML, JavaScript, XML, Python, Perl, etc.


CodeLite - Best Text Editors for ubuntu

CodeLite is a free and completely open-source text editor. You can program in C, C++, PHP, and JavaScript. You can even use it on Mac or windows rather than Linux.

10. Code::Blocks

Code::Blocks - Best Text Editors for ubuntu

For its consistent UI, it has become one of the most renowned C++ code editors for all the major platform. You can install many plugins that are too developed by Code::Blocks only which makes it really popular among young developers.

Code Blocks

If you’ve enjoyed reading this article make sure to comment down below and tell me about your favorite text editor that you would use.

Douchebag Workout 2 Cheats Latest List 2019

Douchebag Workout 2 Cheats
2 min read

If you ever wanted to be a strong and cool guy who can impress any girl. Well, the reality I don’t know but there is a game “Douchebag Workout 2” which can make you feel like that. Here I will tell you “Douchebag Workout 2 Cheats“. Hope you’ll like it.

Douchebag Workout 2 Cheats

Well, recently I’ve found a cool workout game named Douchebag Workout 2. It is one of the best game you can play on a flash player about GYMs and douchebags. Here, you need to train your skinny character to a strong muscular bodybuilder guy.


There are levels which are not very hard. That one can’t complete but are easy. Some levels are so much time consuming whereas some require much intelligence to complete. So, you might be wondering if you could have some cheats which will help you to solve the level. Yes, there are Douchebag Workout 2 Cheats. I’ve listed all the cheats down below. You can just open a cheat menu and enter your cheat then press on activate the cheat. Your problem will be essentially solved.

Game Name Code[you need to enter] Description[code reactions]
Douchebag Beach Club DEPOSIT + 200 $
Douchebag Beach Club INCREASE Muscle Mass gain x 2
Douchebag Beach Club COUNTRY Country Music to the max
Douchebag Beach Club PICS Unlock all pictures
Douchebags Chick PROMOTION Get the best job
Douchebags Chick RED CARPET Unlock all Shoes
Douchebags Chick FASHION Unlock all Clothes
Douchebags Chick DECO Maximum Deco
Douchebags Chick INFLATED Maximum Botox
Douchebags Chick PAINTED Maximum Makeup
Douchebags Chick SKINNY Maximum Silhouette
Douchebags Chick SNOOKED Maximum Haircut
Douchebags Chick HILTON + 20 000 $
Douchebags Chick O Press “O” during the game to advance time.
Douchebags Chick L Press “L” during the game to back-up time.
The Douchebag Life Shift u Makes the time go backward one hour
The Douchebag Life Shift i Makes the time go forward one hour
The Douchebag Life Shift s Gives you $10


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Pokemon Gen 4 remake games in detail?

Pokemon Gen 4 remake games
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Gen 4 Games are highly requested for a very long time. People are very fond of “Pokemon Gen 4 remake” games. Actually, we don’t have any actually 100% confirmed information about Pokemon Gen 4 remake. But according to basic logic, we can guess some of the features of the remake.

Pokemon Gen 4 remake games

Let’s continue with the features:

  • Altered side plot to make difference from actual Gen 4.
  • New mega evolutions are likely to come.
  • Game mechanic revision.
  • A different story from previous games.
  • It will be on Switch.


  • It will be on Sinnoh.
  • A remake of diamond and pearl.
  • It might be released in 2020(not yet confirmed).

But furthermore, no one has a definite clue about what is going to come. The features listed above are completely logically and unofficial. Besides, they are sourced from fans(obviously).

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How to install Kali Linux on VMware.

How to install Kali Linux on VMware.
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Kali Linux is an open-source operating system designed for IT professionals, computer geeks and pen-testers. If you are enthusiastic to learn Linux, you need to install it first. So, here I will explain to you “How to install Kali Linux on VMware.

How to install Kali Linux on VMware.

VMware is a software that creates a virtual environment for an operating system. Therefore, if we are using VMware, you are using windows+Linux at the same time on a single PC.

How to install Kali Linux on VMware:

  • Download and install VMware from the official website.
  • Download Kali Linux from the official website using direct or torrent.
  • Open VMware.
  • Create a new machine.
  • select ISO file of kali.
  • choose the perfect configuration of resources according to your PC.
  • Done.
  • After it, you’ll need to fire up kali.
  • Choose install option in the menu bar.
  • Follow the easy instructions.
  • Believe me, they are very easy.
  • The installation process takes up to 45 min on average PC.
  • After installation goes to display settings.
  • Choose the best display according to your monitor
  • Installation is completed and you are all set to use your OS.




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Best Web Hosting Providers in 2019

Best Web Hosting Providers in 2019
6 min read

Best Web Hosting Providers in 2019

Technology is now growing across the globe. Everyone is connecting through the Internet. People started creating websites and spreading their business online. One will surely need a good web hosting for their website. So here are “Best Web Hosting Providers in 2019“.

How to choose Best Web Hosting Providers in 2019

I have some basic rules for selecting a perfect web hosting for a particular website. Requirements of your web hosting depend upon your website structure. For example, if you are running a WordPress blog then you’ll need high memory server. If your site receives so much traffic then you’ll need to choose different hosting. If you are running a website like Mega, Google Drive then you’ll need to have a large space hosting + best response time.

In this way, each type of website has a different requirement for web hosting. It even depends on your budget.

Selecting the best hosting in your budget price and with best features makes it difficult for everyone to select. So, you’ve landed on the perfect article. After reading this article you will be able to select your own web hosting according to your website’s need.

Before jumping to Best Web Hosting Providers in 2019 let us understand types of hosting:

Shared Web Hosting:

It is very cheap hosting. This means that your website will run on the same server as other websites are running. As it is too cheap it comes with limited bandwidth and features like that.

If you are thinking to start a website from scratch. Then, this can be a nice option for you. It can be used if your website is much basic and don’t require a powerful server.

VPS Hosting:

In case of VPS Hosting. I must say that it is much advanced than Shared Web Hosting. This plan comes with more features and freedom. The hosting company provides personal disk space for the website, more bandwidth and much more good features like that.

It will surely charge more money as it provides you with more features but will give you much freedom and most importantly a good user experience.

Dedicated Servers:

Dedicated Servers are very costly. It is good for people looking to build a more complex website. For example, Apple uses its own dedicated servers. It provides full freedom to each and every feature. It is used by companies like Microsoft, Google, etc.

Best Web Hosting Providers:

  1. Bluehost
  2. Inmotion
  3. Kinsta
  4. Hostgator
  5. WP Engine

Let’s begin with the first one :


Best Web Hosting Providers: Bluehost


  • One click WordPress install.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Fully Managed Solution.
  • Website: BLUEHOST

It is one of the best Web Hosting Providers in 2019. It provides you with three hosting plans: 1. Shared     2. VPS    3. Dedicated.

Starting with shared hosting. It is very good for new blogs, websites or beginners. Who has just stepped in this field? It is easy to use solution for people running small businesses. It even provides you with Easy to use dashboard and one-click WordPress install. If you want you can start your career in blogging by selecting this shared plan.

VPS Hosting in Bluehost provides with much power and flexibility. You can run your website with full freedom. This plan is better for moderate traffic website. As I’ve told you earlier in the full root access for additional jobs required by your website. This plan is much more costly than shared hosting plan.

Dedicated Servers are great for a website with a lot of visitors. This plan even provided the ultimate security and performance. This is best for large businesses or websites.


Best Web Hosting Providers: Inmotion


  • Fast Web hosting
  • Secure servers.
  • Easy setup
  • Website: INMOTION

This company provides many different plans for shared, VPS and Dedicated servers. Broadly there are five plans which include WordPress, VPS, Dedicated, Reseller, Business hostings.

WordPress hosting is for WordPress installation only. It provides great support and performance for WordPress websites with free data backups which are too good for every website. Even provides hack and malware protection.

VPS hosting provided by this company is the best option for agencies, workers and resellers. They’ve include WHM and cPanel to easily manage your server. It even gives full root access with SSH keys and unmanaged command line VPS for more power and control over your server.

Dedicated Servers by inmotion hosting is the very best plan according to me. It will give you an extreme user experience. The servers are too strong to experience any kind of traffic on your website. If you are running a huge company, these dedicated servers will perform extremely better.

Inmotion also provides Reseller Hosting Plans which provides high bandwidth with huge disk space and unlimited cPanel

Shared Business hosting by Inmotion is good for static websites. It even allows drag and drop website builder and will even give you free included domain name.


Best Web Hosting Providers: Kinsta


  • Fully managed.
  • Daily Backups.
  • Free Migrations.
  • Google Cloud Platform.
  • Website:KINSTA

Kinsta provides you with eight hosting plans which include starter; pro; Business 1,2,3,4; Enterprise 1,2; Kinsta is well known for their high bandwidth and amazing performance.

Starting from the starter plan. It provides 1 WordPress install with 20k monthly visits and Google cloud platform enabled.

The Pro plan provides you with 40k monthly visits with 2 WordPress install and Google cloud platform enabled.

Rest are here: Kinsta Plans

Best Web Hosting Providers: Kinsta hosting plans

Recommended for you:


Best Web Hosting Providers: Hostgator


  • Unmetered Disk Space.
  • 99.9% uptime.
  • Unmetered Bandwidth.
  • Fast servers.
  • Website: HOSTGATOR

Hostgator provides you with four web hosting plans which include web hosting; Reseller Hosting; VPS Hosting; WordPress Hosting. Hostgator is the ultimate solution for your website hosting.

Starting with normal web hosting. It is a perfect point for growing an online presence. This plan has 4 different plans which you can select according to your website’s need.

Second is Reseller Hosting plan which includes 4 different plans which are good for your own hosting business.

VPS Hosting provides dedicated servers with full root access for your amazing experience without much expense.

WordPress hosting is good for your WordPress website as it provides superior performance for your website.

WP Engine

Best Web Hosting Providers: WP Engine


WP Engine is another powerful solution for your WordPress website that’s why we’ve included it in Best Web Hosting Providers in 2019. This company doesn’t provide complex plans such as VPS, dedicated plans etc. They provide just a simple high-performance WP hosting.

WP Engine even promises that if you got hacked, they’ll fix everything for free. The company is focused on website security as it testes all the plugins and updates before applying it onto your website which is a good thing.

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Android Phone Rooting? | 5 Advantages and Disadvantages.

5 min read

What is Android rooting?

You might have heard people talking about rooting Android! Ever wondered what is Android rooting?

Root is administrative access to a device. System files in an Android device, that is required to run the device. These files are locked, a normal user can’t access or read the files but if the user roots his/her phone they will get access to those root files. They can make a change in those files easily.

Root has some advantages as well as disadvantages.

Let us talk about:


1. Warranty void.

If you root your phone. Company will not be responsible for its warranty, causing warranty void. Companies such as Samsung voids the warranty if the phone is rooted.

It seems very scary but if the phone is out of warranty there is no problem.


2. Super User Access.

Gaining root access gives you root permissions, sounds good right? But…handling rooted phone is very hard for a normal user. Moving a file here to there can cause really big problems.

If you are an advanced user of Android you might not get problem but my experience says rooting really troubles the user and disturbs the user experience.


3. Update Problems.

It is obvious that when we root the phone. It will now no longer receive the latest updates from the company.

The company will no longer provide you any support. Still, there are some manual methods to update the phone. Still, automatic update is more reliable than manual one.


4. Increases Virus attacks.

Rooting Android device unlocks the root directory which becomes a big issue during a virus attack. Virus can easily access your root files and if virus enters your root directory, it becomes really hard to remove it. Even if you don’t update your phone manually after rooting, phone will become an easy target to viruses, malware, spyware, Trojan etc. Hence your phone will ruin your privacy, such as a virus enters in root that steals your bank account info. This will bring you in a great trouble.


5. Might Brick your device.

Rooting is a complicated process which if not done by a professional can brick your device. While we root our device we do some changes in the stock android’s file to get root privileges. If these changes are not done properly, device will be bricked.


If you think you don’t care about these disadvantages, then here are some of the advantages that might catch your interest.




1. Speed and battery life boost.

As Root gives you root privileges, Super User Privileges. You can manage clock speed of the processor according to your need, you can overclock or underclock the processor. If you need longer battery life you can go with the underclocking which increases the battery life but will decrease the performance. If you need better performance you can go with overclocking which will increase the performance but the processor will demand more battery. Hence will surely decrease the battery life.


2. Uninstall Preinstalled apps.

You can uninstall preinstalled craps from the device as you’ll get access to root. Mobile Companies for advertisement installs apps in the root of the device which a normal user can’t remove or uninstall. You can uninstall these apps from the root of your device easily which can’t be done on a non-rooted device.


3. Amazing Custom Theme.

After rooting the android device you can even do the most amazing thing 🙂 YOU CAN APPLY CUSTOM THEME ON YOUR DEVICE. Keyboard layout can be customized.

You can try a different experience.


4. Ads can be blocked of all apps.

Ads destroy the enjoyment of the amazing experience of the apps. You might have switched on Airplane Mode on your device to prevent ads. While after rooting your device you can easily get rid of the ads of any apps without switching on the airplane mode. Rooting can even act as the shield to ads in your device. Rooting prevents ads on your device. Block the ads to enjoy the hassle-free experience of the services.


5. Install incompatible apps.

Rooting even gives you the power to install incompatible apps in your phone. You can get features from the latest version of the android.


Conclusion :

In the end, I just want to give you my opinion on rooting android. PLS DON”T ROOT YOUR DEVICE. If you want the amazing experience of root you can root your old phone that is not in use.

‘With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility.’

Rooting will give you much power but to handle that power is not possible for many users. Only an advanced user can handle the rooted phone.

If you want to root for fun pls don’t make this huge mistake. 


Thanks 🙂